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Concept Development
Our company is well positioned to assist you in all areas of development.  Arete focuses on diverse market access which allows for vertical integration between our clients. Our team includes experts in Municipal Governance, Legal Strategies, Product and Business Development, Land Acquisition,  Funding, and Co-development Partnerships, to name a few. We utilize our wide range of skills and services to combine the positive cultural, physical and financial characteristics of both the urban and rural realms of the Cannabis spectrum.

Regulatory Compliance
Navigating through the license complicated application process can be daunting, and sometimes it is the unwritten rules that create the largest hurdles to success. Understanding what license you require is the first step, and once that choice is made Arete will assist you in completing your applications in accordance with Federal, Provincial and Municipal regulations. Whether you are applying for a cultivation, processing or a dispensary license, our team is well-versed in the procedures and systems required for your approval and are here to guide you through the process

Business Sustainability
Our research indicates that future market saturation is a strong possibility across Canada.  Arete’s well-connected team is always in the forefront of the ever changing Cannabis landscape. Being “in the know” helps you stay ahead of the curve and provides you with the opportunity to adapt, where needed, to keep your business healthy and growing. With associates across multiple business sectors and government liaisons and industry insiders, we are able to tap into our network to your advantage.

Design and Construction
Arete has an extensive network of Architects and Builders ready to take your concept and make it a reality in compliance with Federal, Provincial, and Municipal regulations. Whether you are looking for a purpose-built facility or a turn-key solution, Arete can assist. As part of your application process, site and security drawings are mandatory.  In tandem with our experts in cyber security, HVAC, lighting and air purification suppliers, Arete will bring your vision to life allowing you to rest easy knowing you are in the hands of experienced professionals.




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