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Standard Cultivation

This license allows you to grow large scale cannabis and to produce dried, fresh, plants and seeds.

Standard Processing

This large scale license allows you to process cannabis products using more than 600 kg. of dried cannabis per year.

Micro Cultivation

This license is required to grow Cannabis in an area smaller than 200 sq. m and it allows you to produce dried, fresh, plants and seeds.

Micro Processing

Similar to the Standard Processing license except production is limited to the use of less than 600 kg of dried cannabis product.


This license is required to produce starting materials such as plants and seeds in an area of 50 sq. m or less.


Required for any research and development of cannabis products.

Sale For Medical Purposes

Needed to sell Cannabis and Cannabis products to registered clients.

Analytical Testing

This license is required to complete any testing (i.e third party) of cannabis and products.




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