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    Strategic Guidance to Cultivate a Sustainable Canna-business

Arête  (Greekἀρετή)

Excellence of any kind”

Serving the Canadian Cannabis Industry

Available, Adaptable & Aligned

We offer one-stop access including, but not limited to licensing and dispensary applications, turn-key building systems, real estate, planning, architectural design, legal services, financing, security systems, and integrated supply networks.  With our extensive group of professionals, Arete will seamlessly guide you from concept to completion.

  • Vision

    Lindsay Blackett and Chris Souster started Arete to meet the multiple demands that businesses face entering the complex Cannabis Industry. In their respective roles with the Canadian Cannabis Chamber, Chris and Lindsay were amazed at how many visionary entrepreneurs were looking for capital while those with capital and the desire to invest lacked knowledge of the Cannabis industry.

  • Experience

    With several years of experience in the Cannabis industry, Lindsay and Chris observed a market place wherein many individuals and companies claimed to have cannabis experience. While often having solid business experience, they proved short on knowledge of the Cannabis industry focused on just one element and not the entire ecosystem.

  • Development & Integration

    Those interested in starting a Cannabis business frequently sought assistance to navigate the complex application and regulatory process, be it Federal, Provincial, or Municipal, yet that proved to be just the beginning. Prospective clients also required help with design, development, supplier networks and a downstream market strategy.

  • Results

    Although the $65+ Billion invested in publicly listed cannabis companies foretells a promising future, there will be consolidation and attrition in many parts of the industry. Arete offers our clients access to legal services, financing, licensing, turn-key building systems, real estate, planning and development, architectural design, security systems, and integrated supply networks. With the assistance of our extensive network of professionals, our goal is to help you mitigate risk and to guide you through the ever-changing Cannabis landscape. Arete will support you in creating, integrating and growing your Cannabis vision.

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